Studs, Tools and Fools

" She is a disaster waiting to happen --  fun to read. Very entertaining, amusing characters, and dumb criminals make for good laughs."  Debbie

Laura Howard didn't plan to take down a bank robber.  Any more than she meant to subvert the police investigation following the bank heist . . .

Now all she wants is to reclaim her quiet life as an interior decorator in Portland, Oregon.  Right on cue, that peaceful existence explodes again when local TV newsmen broadcast the photo taken of Laura during the bank robbery.  Is her life now in danger?  Are those hate notes and home invasions related to her heroism at the bank?  Is she responsible for the death of a local hero? Or, is something more sinister at play?

Laura Howard and her pesky cat Louise return in Book 3 of the Designer Mystery series along with building contractor Russell Graham, zany Aunt Esther, and much of the Portland Police Bureau. This time it may take all of them to separate the skunks from the scoundrels in the police lineup.